21st Birthday.


Wow cannot believe I am 21 years old, seems like yesterday I was looking forward to becoming a teenager, and then reaching 18 years was a milestone, I felt grown up then. Now I have a lot of responsibility and have loved every minute of it. I celebrated my birthday over a few days, as some family members couldn't be there all at once. I had an amazing time, and my tummy still hurts from all the laughter that was had. 

My birthday dress was from H&M and it was €39.99 I think! kept it simple and not wearing any jewellery. 

Just a few little photos of the day, nothing too invasive to the day/night itself. Pictures of the food in our kitchen. We made a salad buffet as it was simple and almost to everyones taste. We started off with cocktails while everyone arrived, then took some photos.

Above are some photos with my best friends, and then my Grandparents, I love this photo, going to get it framed.

I had family come down from up the country, family friends and my best friends come for the night, it was so thoroughly enjoyable, a lot of laughter and fun was had.

Everyone was so generous with presents too.  I haven't included everything, as some things were very personal.

To my surprise at the end of the night I was presented with a bottle of 1991 Armagnac. Going to keep this for a special occasion down the line.

So here were the presents that I was taken a back with the generosity of everyone.

Topshop Cross ring

Gorgeous Journals from PaperBlanks

Topshop Skull Scarf

Topshop Cross Long Top

Topshop Leather two-toned bag
Tweeted about this a few weeks ago, and have been in love ever since, my dreams came true on Thursday when I received it. 

Cute evening purse from River Island. 

I haven't included any prices in this post, as they were presents. I hope this doesn't upset anyone, but I don't like to look them up. 

Hope you enjoy this, as much I have with writing about my 21st birthday. 

I have one more present coming and that is a watch, I am just on the search for the perfect one. I shall show you when I receive it.



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  1. HAPPY 21ST :)
    Glad you had a lovely time :) You looked gorgeous :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. Happy 21st!
    I love your dress!

    1. Thank you, was so happy with how it looked x

  3. Happy 21st, looks like a lovely celebration xx

  4. Happy 21st Hollie, your dress is gorgeous and i love all the topshop jewelry!!x

  5. *i swear my comments keep disappearing* Happy 21st Holly, your dress is gorgeous and you look so pretty. Love the topshop jewlery.x

  6. Aww, looks like you had a fantastic birthday! Some very lovely gifts and a special family day to remember!

    You actually have THE most fabulous kitchen also! Lovely :) xx

    1. :) thank you, love our kitchen too, always adding different things to it. x

  7. Happy 21st!! Looks like you had an amazing birthday! xxx

  8. Happy Birthday!

    Your party and gifts look lovely, especially the earings, they are beautiful. Hope you had a nice time!

    Lisa, xx


  9. You look gorgeous, glad you had a lovely day and got lovely presents, I'm already getting excited for mine next month :P



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