to my bones.


Blazer: Dunnes Stores 
Jeans: H&M
Rings: Forever21 & ASOS
Nails: Topshop
Lips: MAC Speak Louder (review here)

One of the cheaper tops from Topshop I bought it at a bargain price of £14 (working out about €17.50).  One thing for people in Ireland who may have noticed that Topshop hike up the prices in stores across Ireland, so my trick is to try out the clothes in store and then buy online.  Meaning you'll get the clothes for the 'real' price. As I find the Topshop prices here far too expensive to justify. 

Anyway saw this top on LLYMLRS post and knew I had to purchase. One problem was that I didn't try it on beforehand, and found that the top is a crop top..perfect for a night out but I wore a black tank top underneath the top as not to show too much flesh ha! 

Simple white blazer and black jeans, could bring you anywhere from a shopping trip in town to a dinner date. 

I'm getting ready for my first day at a new course next week. Starting Event Management and I can't wait! Will post up about how it went, hopefully fingers crossed that It's the course for me !

Enjoying my first day off this week, and sitting back relaxing, catching up on blogs, youtube subscriptions, and currently writing this post while watching The Parent Trap. What ever happened to Lindsay Lohan. 

What is everyone up to this Sunday? 



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  1. I love this outfit on you :) You look so pretty :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. your top is just awosme! love your facelook :))

    1. thank you very much, simple but effective make-up x

  3. Lovely OOTD :)
    Also loving the lip colour! xx

  4. this is a gorgeous outfit! love the colour of your lipstick too!x

    sophie @

  5. I love the outfit, that top is so lovely, i want one! xx

  6. Love the makeup and the rings are so cool!

  7. Great outfit, I love your top x

  8. This outfit is GORGEOUS!! Your pictures are beautiful! xxx I do the exact same with Topshop and New Look as the Irish prices are crazy! :) I can't believe your blazer is from Dunnes! Did you buy it recently? Im very tempted to go in and have a look! It looks gorgeous! xxx

  9. That is such a wonderful top and awesome pairing with the blazer. Love the outfit!


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