through the lense #2


001: Sunset over the hills behind my house.
002: Delicious carrot cake (I couldn't help myself).

003: Feeling a little sick so honey and lemon did the trick.
004: Beautiful cherry blossom outside my boyfriends house.

 005: Tried these out and don't think they suited me, so gutted! Going to try out a different colour.
 006: Race day, bought a cute daisy headband in penney's (primark) for €3.

007: Making a few bets.
008: Out on a hack with my horse Jack.

 009: Little car getting towed away :(
 010: A little startled!

011: Outfit at the weekend, Topshop top, Oasis jacket.
012: Headed out for Sunday lunch in Fishy, Fishy Kinsale. - Yellow fin tuna = delicious!

013: Oops!!!
014: My new weakness, can't get enough of these caramel waffles.

015: Refreshing ourselves after a few hours in the sun.
016: Trying out a few new hairstyles with the girls.

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