nails of the week #2


Wow, have been off over the weekend so I've had a lovely Easter spending time with my friends and family and it's been hectic! I've done quite a bit of work, ate a lot of chocolate and spent a little too much on clothes! Can't wait to post what I bought.

For the moment I am about to post about a nail varnish I bought from Topshop 2 weeks ago.

Have to admit I fell in love with this metallic nail polish in Hyperreal on the Topshop website a few months ago, but when I went to buy it they were out of stock, but then I got lucky!

I absolutely love this nail polish, the pictures are after two coats, excuse that one of the nails is a little messy. I am off to fix this right now!

At €11 it's a little steep but for staying power and non chipping I'm falling for their polishes.

Another mention is the brush itself I find it very easy to use, it has a square bottom, unlike others with a rounded bottom.
It is easy to get the polish to the edge of the nail without going overboard. With two clean sweeps by nail is covered.

One thing about this polish: it is VERY hard to get off, a lot of scrubbing with the remover, but It's worth the effort.



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