march favourites.


(left to right)
 Umberto Giannini - 'Backcomb in a bottle'
Boots - Leave-In conditioner
Rimmel - Sun Shimmer 'Water resistant' 
Topshop - Nail polish in Threadbare
Palmers - Cocoa Butter (original solid formula)

A few days late, but as they say better late than never. Thought I'd try out a new type of post, I love a lot of beauty products, and I'm a huge fan of trying out new products, so this is what I have picked up this month.

Backcomb in a bottle is something that had me pondering over and over at.  My thoughts were - how could it work out, was it much better than hairspray and was it worth the price as it wasn't cheap!
Think texture and hold in a bottle, when sprayed near the roots, and 'jizzed' up with a brush, your hair transforms from lifeless hair to HELLO HAIR! I found I needed a good 3-4 seconds on each section but this created quite stiff hair, yet lasted the night.

In the last few years, I've been growing my hair longer, longer layers and longer fringe = knotty hair (ouch), so I found this leave in conditioner that on a budget is fantastic (€2/€3), now its not your redken conditioner at any rate, but I use it after my normal conditioner in my wet hair, and it makes the detangling a lot easier!

I am a big fake tan fan, but not in the orange way! quite particular with it actually! St. tropez is my go to when going to a big event but came across this little beauty. Anyone who usually uses Rimmel's Sun shimmer instant tan will know that any splash of rain (or drink on a night out ;) )  will leave an immediate mark. So saw this in boots and picked it up, so far so good, water resistant need to scrub it off in the shower!
Only con about this is that unlike its other tan, the water resistant takes a lot longer to dry tends to be sticky, but what can you give out about if it keeps away the water marks.

Love this colour from Topshop in Threadbare, very in this summer and only needs 1-2 coats.

This is a body butter that I go back to again and again.  Great for dry elbows, knees, and hands! Especially throughout the winter months. Quite a thick butter, smells amazing and will keep buying this.

If anyone wants to leave some of their favourites, I would love to hear them and perhaps purchase if you recommend the products.



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  1. I love the look of backcomb in a bottle! :) xx


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