christmas time.


Christmas was spent with close family and friends, I am so happy that we were all together for the festive period, as this year especially has taught me how precious life can be!

With 14 family members in one household you can imagine the drama, conversations, catch-up and love that was shared but most of all we all came together and put up a mighty feast over 3 days.

One week later and I am still in a food coma! There are just a few pictures of Christmas, the unbelievable canapés that I made with my cousin (even if I do say so myself!)

We laughed too much, cried too much and drank too much! but that is was family is to me! I can't wait for next year already.

As for presents, we were light on the giving this year, giving each other more practical items as opposed to the luxury gift. (Yet I still managed to receive some lovely make up Laura Mercier + MAC, so expect a few little write ups on those!)

Last but not least! HAPPY NEW YEAR, I can't wait to start afresh! I am already writing a post on what 2012 taught me! I hope you all had a gorgeous time over the last two weeks.



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  1. Lovely pictures. Happy New Year. x

  2. Aw great pictures!
    Happy new year

  3. Lovely photos, happy new year!!x

  4. sounds like you had a lovely time, look forward to seeing posts on the make up you got (:


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