powder your nose (make up haul).


I'm going to try and get it short and sweet and it's quite picture heavy but these are some of the products I received over Christmas! I was so grateful and surprised at some of my presents! 

 First up is Maybelline's The Falsies Volume Express in Black Drama, I've had my eye on this for the last few months what with Tanya Burr raving on about it, so I was so happy when it appeared in my stocking! It has a curved wand, applies well, and holds a curl, The above photograph is after ONE application of mascara, and is totally buildable!
I still would pick my L'oreal Telescopic over this due to my lashes feeling a little harder with this mascara as apposed to the L'oreal one review here.

Over all I would give this mascara a 7/10 As it is a nice addition to my make up bag!

MAC - Hue  I always thought it was more brown in real life as I don't think photos do it any favours, it is a pink lipstick with a brown tint, It is a gorgeous natural lipstick for day wear and if I'm wearing at night I'll pair it with a lip liner (still trying to find a good match let me know if you use one with it!?) and a strong smokey eye. 
I was ecstatic with this present (Thank you cousins!) 

Now this was a little bit of a surprise present! I had been looking at the MAC Glamour Daze Holiday Collection whenever I went in, but couldn't really justify the price even though there are such gorgeous colours in the palettes. 
I received the Warm Eye Palette Collection it contains 5 eyeshadows; Glamour Light, Retrospeck, Honesty, Cognac and Sketch. 

It is in a gorgeous case, with a full snap back case, it also came with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. 
Love this and I'm excited to try out some new make up looks. 

Next up is a product I normally would not go for, a lipgloss, I was a little skeptical with this product but when I applied this it glided on beautifully, not your usual very sticky consistency and had a good staying power! I am a new convert and great if you are dashing out the door and want a slight lift of colour to your lips! 

Finally a product I never took a second look at, a mineral powder. I am normally a cream make up girl, especially when it comes to coverage on my face.
My mum surprised me with this product and I am starting to come around to it!
If I am going for a look during the day that isn't a  heavy make up one I start off the base of my make up with this powder and it gives me a lovely finish, not giving my face too much of a matte finish!

I am still learning with this powder so any recommendations I would be highly open to them!

Did you receive any new products for Christmas that you never used before?



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  1. Such a lovely bunch of products! Try the LM powder over a tinted moisturiser or BB cream, it leaves a gorgeous finish x

    1. Oh great thank you for that :) I'll try that out x

  2. The mascara looks amazing and I love Laura Mercier lip glosses. As the person said above, try the powder over liquid foundation/bb cream to set it, it is amazing!! x

  3. love the products!! great selection !



  4. i've been wanting to pick up the falsies mascara for the longest time now </3 you got some amazing things. the little mac palette is so cute.x


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