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Jamie Oliver recently opened his "Jamie's Italian" in Dundrum, Dublin.  Being a huge foodie I had to have a sneaky look inside.  As I was there they said they had a spare table so I jumped at the chance for a late lunch.

First impressions are everything to me, and boy did they stand up well. Initially greeted by a friendly Head of House I was quickly seated down and asked for drinks.  Due to driving I chose some sparkling water, but next time I shall be delving into their extensive cocktail menu: yumm!
Somewhat of a surprise that they sold Irish sparkling water, I was ready for San Pellegrino, I was not disappointed as it is a delicious choice.

The decor was incredible, meat curing off wooden stalls, fresh bread cut on huge wooden blocks in front of you, sturdy tables and the kitchen is open to the restaurant looking on to the tables.

On to the menu, I was caught between 4 or 5 different dishes (not complaining as I love choice). In the end I chose BUCATINI CARBONARA which is - Tubular spaghetti with smoked 
pancetta & ribbons of green & yellow courgette, tossed with Parmesan cheese. 
This was absolutely devine, creamy sauce but not too rich, crispy pancetta and the courgette was a delicious idea!
I also could not resist ordering a side of 'Posh Chips' which consist of Truffle Oil and Parmesan. So tasty!

My experience can summed up as NOM! I will definitely be returning to this restaurant and being a little more creative with my choices next time, including the squid and artisan meat boards.
I would highly recommend this restaurant and as an added bonus it won't break the bank!



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  1. We have got a Jamie's where I live too but I haven't tried it yet after saying I need to since it opened a while back! Definitely need to try it out some time soon after seeing this post. xo

  2. thankyou for the follow! lovely blog x x

  3. oh my gosh this looks delicious!im soo hungry right now too ha :( so want to visit!xx

  4. i've heard such great things about Jamie's italian. really need to go.x

  5. I have to go to this restaurant asap!!! Thank you for posting those lovely photos and making me feel really hungry!!!


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