the maze that is ikea.


Decided to give my room a little bit of a lift last week, thus it entailed a trip to Ikea.  My Mum was only too delighted to go along and pick up some much needed household items. I went in with the intention of only spending €50 and I think I spent just under that, I was very chuffed!

The first too items are to hold my make up brushes, but thought they looked cute with a tealight in too! Dual purpose and all that.
Next on the list was a glass bowl to hold either jewellery or make up and picked up this sweet one, It's perfect for my rings and bracelets, or my growing collection of lipsticks (blogger problems!)
These fairy lights were a little of an impulse buy but I could not resist them, they have a plug as opposed to the usual battery pack Ikea lights, I am still looking for the right place for these, but around my ciel de lit could be the winner.
Last but not least a decent mirror for €10 - bargain in my opinion, it pivots and will fit right in with my grey bathroom! 

I'll be writing a post when I finish off my bedroom and bathroom where these items will have centre stage! Have purchased anything interesting lately from Ikea?

oh p.s I may have bought a DIY gingerbread house for Christmas - I cannot wait to build and decorate and then eat this fantastic invention.



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  1. i have yet to go to ikea ): love what you picked up.x

  2. These are such great finds, I particularly like the candle holder, really intricate xx


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