tartan yourself up


I had a voucher to spend in Hollister that I received for my birthday. having visited Hollister in Dublin on a number of occasions no clothes appealed to me, apart from their incredibly warm sweaters. Yet I decided to go beyond the stereotypical pants or jumper from this brand and purchased a gorgeous tartan scarf!
It is so soft, cosy and a fabulous item to brighten up your outfit with (I tend to wear a lot of grey, white and black). The scarf was a whopping €36! Hopefully worth the spend and it'll keep me fashionably warm this winter.
Secondly I found this sweet floral lace top. It's see-through at the front with a white cotton back to it. Can't wait to have an OOTD with it! Along with the scarf this was an expensive purchase at €40, and I feel If I didn't have the voucher I wouldn't see myself splurging on these. (But I do love them).



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