Dead Sea spa Magik - Super Night Cream review


Dead Sea spa Magik - Super Night Cream ~ €10.95
can be bought on feelunique here

NEW FAVOURITE PRODUCT - ok I've been having a breakout on my forehead lately, probably to do with stress, and I don't normally get large breakouts. My skin has had a lot of small spots for the last 3-4 weeks.
I was starting to fret, no amount of moisturiser, cleanser or exfoliator or lack of these products would help clear. So when I was in MAC I casually asked one of the girls what I should do, I asked casually due to the fact they always seem to brush off questions (well in my experience they have) Yet I was fortunately surprised. The girl asked If I had changed my diet, had enough zinc, drink enough water and then asking what face products I was using.
I was given a list of do's + dont's  and this is where I got to purchase Dead Sea spa Magik - Super Night Cream.
It has helped nourish, quench the thirst and balance my skin without giving me oily skin.
Applied in slow circular movements on the neck and face before you go to bed, this product does not disappoint! Albeit quite a heavy cream, it allows your skin to breathe and the result is a happy face the next morning.

My forehead is healing, and enjoying the moisture without the oily factor, a major plus on my account! Also, super affordable at €10.95/£8.25.

Have any of you tried this product, would love to know your outcome?



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  1. Great post!


  2. looks like a great product, awesome post - oa

  3. AAACK! Must try this! What an amazing product!! :)

    New follower here!

    The Misty Mom

    1. Would highly recommend it! Thank you :)

  4. Have you tried the dead sea mud face mask? It's one of my favourite products! Definitely going to try this out as well now though - thank you!

    1. No I haven't tried it! I must..It's on my list as I really like this brand, Thank you :)


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