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I have decided to do nails of the week instead of nails of the day as I don't change my varnish everyday.  Due to work I have to keep my nails extremely neat and tidy, that includes no chips. I've got quite strong nails which I'm lucky to have and they grow quickly, therefore I do not use false nails on a regular basis.

One of my choice of go to varnish is Barry M I find that after 2-3 coats plus a topcoat it will last 5/6 days without chipping, which is amazing for me! Although Barry M takes a lot longer to dry compared to other brands that I have used.

Loving this colour, it is Peach Melba and to me is the ultimate spring/summer shade, yes I may be a little early in the season but to my delight Boots Ireland are now stocking Barry M, I previously had to buy these polishes when I visited England.

After applying my two coats of peach melba I decided to spice it up a little with a Models Own nail art pen something which I haven't used before. Just a few stripes to start out with and I'm sure I'll get a little braver.



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  1. Cute nails! Reminds me a bee! haha Love it!

  2. I have the Barry M Peach Melba nail varnish too. It's such a cute colour. :]
    Love what you've done with it here. :D
    <3 Laura x

  3. looks like tiger stripes! Love it x

  4. ooo, that Barry M colour looks lovely; been looking for a peachy colour :) Like how you've made it more interesting with the nail art pen too! xo

  5. I love Barry M but agree that it does seem to take ages to dry! Even when it seems dry it still manages to smudge about an hour later! I've just purchased insta dry by Sally Hansen (from Boots/superdrug). I've only used it a couple of times but it seems to dry varnish within 30 seconds :)check it out if you haven't already!!

  6. This is such a pretty color, really summery! :) x


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