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I haven't posted anything about my love of beauty products that would go by the name of Bobbi Brown (can't believe that I haven't).
I recently received this gel eyeliner set as a present from my friends while they were visiting me in France. First impressions where good, sleek packaging - what you'd expect with a high end product, compact and quite pretty to have in your make - up bag.

Inside the box contains two Gel eyeliner pots along with a compact 'ultra fine eye liner' brush.
The first pot 'Black Ink' #1 and the second 'Sepia Ink' #2 are both gorgeous eyeliners, consistency is smooth, gliding onto the eyelid. The Black Ink is as dark as coal, which I love, normally I use Mac's ' Blacktrack which is also very similar in colour.

I find the staying power of these eyeliners is 8-10 hours of perfection (I normally would change it if I was wearing it in the morning and then going out in the evening) but If I didn't have time to re-do my make-up I'd be very satisfied with the stay power.

I prefer to use gel eyeliner as opposed to liquid eyeliner, due to the transfer of it on the upper eyelid after initial application. Whereas with the Bobby Brown gel eyeliner I didn't have to wait for it to dry and no smudging took place.

The brush which is included in the set is a 'sample size' brush. I have fallen in love with this brush so much that when I am next in Brown Thomas (Irish equivalent to Selfridges) I shall be purchasing a full size ultra thin eye liner brush at the Bobbi Brown counter. Before I got this brush I used a slanted Body Shop Brush which did the job but I find this brush is so precise that I haven't gone back to the slanted brush.

I wouldn't normally wear brown gel eyeliner but for a less 'harsh' smokey eye I love to experiment with my eye make - up and this has certainly been a great present. It also brings out my eyes which I like.

Both pots are 3g which compared to Mac is identical.

I would give this product 10/10 for stay power, appearance, and quality.

Has anyone else tried these out? would love to hear your thoughts :)



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