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When I first started to read blogs a year ago, I will admit they were only English/American blogs. I suppose I was naive to think that there were not that many close to home, and when I say home I mean Ireland.

I first came across some of the Irish blogs on a google map made by a fellow blogger trying to bring everyone closer together.

So I thought I'd piece together some of my favourite Irish blogs that I have come across and love.

Zara at Life's Pretty Visions , a beauty blogger with incredible make - up taste, love reading her reviews on newly purchased items.

Erika at Retro Flame, wow what can I say her taste in fashion is A mazzzing ! I love when I see that a post has popped up in my blogger feed to say Erika has posted a new outfit post I am intrigued to see what she has put together.

Julie at Broken Blush, has both a blog and a youtube channel, blogging mostly about make- up you'll find Julie sneaks in the odd clothes that she has bought, and let me tell you they're little gems :)

Dee and Sinead at Viva Adonis, there is a pair of them in it, and I love it, from make up reviews and hauls to some beauty advice I'm sure to find it when I have a look at their blog.

Jess at Lashings of mascara on, Came across Jess a few weeks ago and really like going back to her blog each day, whether it is new nail polishes, a cheaper alternative to some lipsticks (which we all love), fashion or just a general review I'd recommend you pop over to her blog.

Leanne at Thunder + Threads is certainly a blogger that is living up to the 'older Hollywood' look, her pin up make up and 'edgy' fashion is not to be missed, along with her effervescent youtube channel, I highly encourage you to atleast have a look.

Just a few blogs to mention and there really is many more delightful blogs to list, I am sure to compliment many more blogs that I come across.

Any recommendations of Irish blogs out there. :)



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  1. thank you so much for listing my blog (': i actually haven't heard of two of these before.x


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