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Starting off this week with one of my "chill out" favourites, His name is Benjamin Francis Leftwich (what a handful of a name!).

Benjamin is from York in Northern England, he is 22 years old and wow he has an amazing voice. His music is endearing, easy and relaxing.

 I first came across his songs "Box of Stones" and my favourite "Atlas Hands" last August when watching a Grey's Anatomy episode. For anyone who watches Grey's Anatomy they have a playlist to die for at times, including The Postal Service, The Fray, Feist and Fionn Regan who will definitely be talked about in my posts to come!

Benjamin plays an acoustic guitar throughout many of his videos, it amazes me that he hasn't hit the charts, but I don't mind as he's one of the top played artists in my iTunes.

I hope that people who have never heard of this artist go and check him out and I've left a new love of mine "The Boat" below to listen to.

Let me know what you think of him.



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  1. Oh wow. This is beautiful. I love music posts. Love finding gorgeous new things to listen to. Thanks for this one. ;] Definitely going to have a look at some of his other songs.
    <3 Laura x


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