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A lot of lip reviews this week! Another one coming up next week (Revlon Lip Butters). 

When I went shopping last week I decided to head into Mac in Brown Thomas and treat myself to 'Impassioned' but unfortunately it was sold out. Not too sure if it's just because Cork is a smaller store or it's getting incredibly popular down this part of the country! Anyway hope it comes back in soon.  I was not to be disappointed, I eyed up the mac up artists and decided on one that gave me a big smile and asked how she could help me out. (Yes this made a huge difference compared to some that try to avoid eye contact!) I asked for a similar colour, and also inquired whether it would suit my colouring. 

I'm known to keep neutral with my lipstick/colours so this was a step forward.

I bought both a lip liner in Beet and Lipstick in Speak Louder (cremesheen). 

I first filled in my lips coming from the outside and shading in a little up the lips. I shaded with my fingers, but you could use a small sponge. I was told to bring the liner up the lips as this helps keep the pigment in your lips for the day. I would normally just line the lips and not shade in, so I was delighted with this new tip.

I then glided the new lipstick on, It is a cremesheen lipstick, which would be my favourite mac lipstick type, as I find it keeps the lips moistened and tends not to dry as quickly.

Love my new edition to my Lipstick collection.



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  1. AAAAH i JUST bought this this week, well placed an order for it and Im waiting for it to arrive SO EXCITED, it looks AMAZING on you!! im so glad i bought it, it's not a lipstick you hear about much but the colour is so flattering!!!
    i like the look of beet too! xx

  2. This lipstick looks gorgeous, I really want to try it! You can't beat mac for amazing lipsticks. You've reminded me about Impassioned, I haven't worn it in a while but I'll be whipping it out tomorrow!xx

  3. Ahh so pretty! Looks really similar to one of my favorite lipsticks from Spain! :)


  4. love that colour so much! might have to get it. could you explain that tip for lip liner the woman gave you some more? x

    1. Of course..normally when I line my lips with lipliner I tend to draw a simple outline around my lips, the mac up artist told me to forget that method and after drawing a line around my lips to shade in with the side of the pencil (the chunky side) and then get your finger tip and blend in.. Basically so that 60% of the lip is pigmented with the liner as to have a staying power of colour for the day.

      Hope that helped a little xx

    2. perfect! thank you, will definitely give this a try!x


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