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I present Boyce Avenue, you may have seen them on youtube on their channel here.

They are a group of very talented singers and musicians, all three brothers formed the group in Florida, USA. Best known for their incredible covers of songs such as Fix You by Coldplay, Fast Car by Tracey Chapman, Without You by David Guetta to name but a few. 

They record their own original songs too.  These guys have such amazing voices, easy to listen to and quite intriguing how they make mega hits suit their voices. 

The way they incorporate their instruments to the songs also are breathtaking. If I ever need to take a moment to myself I stick these guys on my iPod and get lost with their voices. 

Have a look below at one of my favourites that they covered.

If anyone has a favourite song of theirs that they covered let me know :) 


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  1. I love Boyce Avenue, im always sneeking a peek at them on youtube! x

  2. I love Boyce Avenue too! :)


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