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MAC - Fanfare €15.50

I'm a little more reserved when it comes to lip colour as you may know. I have lip envy when my friends pull off Rebel on a night out (yes that is you Kim). So there are a few must haves when it comes to lipsticks for me:

Everything a MAC cremesheen lipstick possesses. I recently went over to Scotland for a wedding, and was going through security, placing all my make up in a little plastic bag, yes I know biggest pain! but it struck me I didn't have my trusty Modesty by MAC with me. I was very tempted to purchase another one, yet realism struck me and said no Holly. I swatched around and came across a pretty dusty pink, a couple of shades brighter than my own lips. It doesn't have a strong synthetic smell, something I will be blogging about in the next week or so with a Rimmel lipstick. 
It was love at first sight and is now going to be used on a regular basis, sorry Modesty I still love you though. 

I would highly recommend this lipstick if you're looking for a staple in your makeup bag. 


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  1. Beautiful, this looks really nice on you :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  2. That is an amazing colour and looks stunning on you. I really want it now! haha. xxo

    1. Such an amazing colour! Thank you so much, would highly recommend it xx

  3. Color of your lip stick so beautiful and your lip also.

    Best Regards

  4. I love the colour of that lipstick! It looks really nice on you xx


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