what have you been up to?


I've been a little absentee from blogging due to a number of reasons, but I ain't going to be going into all of those right now!

Thought I'd blog about the things I've been up to in between working, sleeping + eating!

Last week I took a much needed day off from work to visit family on an island off West Cork, I had a great day away from reality, the sea air was very refreshing.

I couldn't have asked for a better day weather wise, although it got fairly chilly as the day went on.

I've also been to a few wine tasting evenings with work, which included one of these lemon meringue tarts it was so tiny, yet super tasty!

Finally I purchased these 3 make up products from MAC.

Two eyeshadows in Cranberry + Orb
Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline

The latter being something I have never tried before, it is particularly soft, excellent for a strong smokey eye! I should do a post on it and show the differences to say my other MAC eyepencil in Coffee, but I seem to have mislaid it! (AGH!!)
Has anyone else got this eyepencil?

Looking forward to writing up a few more posts this week!



PS all photos are from an iPhone, not my usual camera preference but I thought they turned out pretty well for photos on the go!

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  1. lovely photos! I have had my eye on cranberry for ages now, it looks so gorgeous

    1. Thank you!! It's amazing, I've been using it over blacktrax (gel eyeliner) and it is simply stunning!

  2. All the photos in this post are gorgeous! Ireland looks beautiful! xx



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