music mondays.


Wow feel that I haven't written one of these posts in a while.

Instead of doing one particular band/artist today, I am going to be giving you an insight to the tracks that are getting 'over-played' on my iTunes right now.

Music plays a huge part in my life, whether it's a chill out tune before I go to bed, a song to get me pumped for my hockey matches or a song to match my current mood; music follows me everywhere!

There are a few different genres of music that are catching my ear right now and I would love to hear your suggestions if you have any to add! I am always looking out for some new/old songs to add to my ever growing list!

White Noise 

Not everyone's taste in music is this band, but certainly opening my eyes and ears to this type of genre. 

Jessie Ware feat Julio Bashmore

If this was on a cd in my possession right now it would be worn out! Check this girl out she is amazing! 

Sky Ferreira 
Everything is Embarrassing 

This is a little older, and not in the charts at the moment (which it really should be in my opinion!)

Duke Dumont
Need U

love love love this! 

High Hopes
All I Want

These are an Irish band and are ripping up the music scene at the moment, their videos for their music are tear jerking, and I fell in love with them from the words "All I want is nothing more than to hear you knocking on my door.."

My Number

Old band new tune, loving it right now! 

Bad Blood

Nothing to say about these guys except BUY THEIR NEW ALBUM IT IS IMMENSE 

The Weeknd
The Morning
Wicked Games
Lonely Star

Trawling along tumblr one night and came across The Weeknd, urban music with harsh but heart bursting lyrics, I listen to them when I'm a little confused! 

Tom Odell
Another Love 
Hold Me

Agh this man is an incredible being! His lyrics are poetry to my ears, It is my ambition this summer to see him live, he also played a captivating rendition of Hold Me to the closing part of Burberry Fashion Show in London this year.. A must watch if you haven't already watched it! 

Also one more song thanks to my friend who brought this song back into my life after posting it on my twitter, it is:  Wankulmut - One Day. (Thanks Shane!)


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  1. Great post, its nice to read something a little different! P.s. have followed you on twitter! xxx

    1. Oh thanks! Yes I always love to look at something different on a blog x


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