Revlon Lip Butters.


Been there, Done that, Got the t-shirt!!

Yes I know people may be getting sick of the ole lip butters but I had to blog about the two I bought a few weeks ago.
Not in the usual colours of 'tutti frutti' and 'sweet tart' but in 'Macaroon' and 'Pink Truffle'.

Macaroon on the left and Pink Truffle on the right.

 Macaroon swatch

Pink Truffle swatch

It's taking me a little longer to brave the bolder colours in lipsticks, so I bought quite neutral shades of pink. 
I love this pair of lip butters though, perfect for work, I don't have to worry about re-applying for a few hours as pigment is quite good. My lips feel moisturised after application. This is a huge plus for me as I love putting lip balms, vaseline etc on them to keep them smooth and moist. 

A little on the expensive side at €11 (roughly) for the amount of lip butter you get. 

I would rate this 8/10 losing the 2 points on the extent of the product given. 



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  1. I'm actually a fan of these, didn't think I would be, I love sweet tart :D


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