MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Light Year


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Light Year - £21.50

This was a little bit of an airport impulse buy, On my way home from London I decided to spend my last few pounds that were left in my purse.  Which shop was in my direct line after security? Mac ughhh so bold!

This is the Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Year from their collection Heavenly Creatures.  I have been reading quite a few reviews about this product, mostly very positive ones, but with people saying it's too bronze, it's too pink.  I personally bought it so I could blend all these colours together.

It is a gorgeous bronze/pink when blended into the skin (sorry photo not justifying how pretty it is).  The wear on the skin is excellent lasting 6 - 7 hours, but I would possibly be topping it up every now and then to keep a gorgeous glow on my skin.

I particularly bought this product for nights out, when I have a olive based tan on (st. moriz or st. tropez) it is lovely to give this a sweep across your collarbones and up the front of your leg, to give a longer leg effect.

At £21.50 it was an expensive/impluse buy, but it is my first of this make - up mineralize skinfinish from MAC and I think it'll will last a long time!

Going to be very interested if the bronze is all the way through the product or just marbled on top. 


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, I love them! Thats what drew me in the most! :)

  2. i just bought my first skinfinish the other day in soft and gentle. i think they'll last aaages! this one is so interesting

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    1. Ohhh yes! It was between Soft & Gentle and this one, I just went for this one as it's limited edition.. Adore the one you bought, such a great colour :)

  3. I've bought this too, and I love it! Mine has more pink in it than yours which is perfect for me as I'm more pale! x

  4. I am craving one of these blushers so badly! This one looks really good though, I love the golden shimmer :)

  5. ahaha i did the exact same with my last few pounds, cept i couldn't decide on a skinfinish and settled for 'pink swoon' blush instead. this looks so pretty.x


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