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Sleek Blush Palette in Sugar - £10

I am finishing off my assignments and studying for exams at the moment, but needed a little break. So decided to show my new make-up love!
A lot of people rave about the Lace Blush palette from Sleek and I had intentions of buying it when I was in London, but sadly it was sold out. Not to be disappointed I went through the other sample palettes and found this beauty, a little muddy looking at the start and not my normal blush colour (love dolly pinks). I decided to buy it.

It is the Sugar Blush Palette from Sleek. Highly pigmented and can see this lasting a good while for me. I was most unsure about the orange on the far right, but it gives a gorgeous lift if you're quite bronzed up. The middle colour is a bronzy/pink divine when heading out on a night out or on holidays as it acts as a blush and highlighter! Finally the colour on the left is a deep terracotta pink. No need to apply a lot of this colour as it is so strong. Gorgeous on every day make-up or when looking for something more dramatic.

Possibly quite late in posting about this blush but I never saw the hype in it all. Now I'm a strong believer in this, Has anyone else tried it ?



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  1. I love the middle shade, ive been meaning to pick some sleek bits up lately x

  2. the colors are really beautiful :)

  3. im so jealous you got this. i also wanted to pick up sleek blush in london but the superdrug i went to was sold out.....of them all!!! -_- x


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