Michael Kors Rose Gold


Taken a little break from blogging (a week or two). I've just come back from a long weekend in London to visit friends. Also finishing off the first semester of my Uni course, so a little overwhelmed with work, but will be back in full swing soon.

One of my birthday presents from family was this gorgeous Michael Kors Rose Gold watch. I have been lusting after this for quite a while and when my last watch packed in I knew I had to get on the bandwagon!
Much to my amazement I received it for my birthday and got to choose the model myself.
It is the MK 5128. My biggest concern was if it would go with the rest of my jewellery (I wear both silver and gold at separate occasions) but I find that you can wear either colour with this watch as it is Rose Gold.

It is a heavy watch with quite a thick face as you can see with the photo above, I got a link or two taken out and it fits perfectly.  I hope to take care of this for years to come.



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  1. Love it, I got a mk watch recently and its yet to leave my wrist xx

  2. I'm in love with this watch. I'm currently saving for it. I'm incredibly jealous.x


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