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A little bit of a different post this weekend.

I always love to see what peoples favourite TV show, book, App or websites are.  Particularly as I always like to try new things out so here goes. Maybe tag yourself along and do it on your blog too.

Top 5 - week 1 July 21st

TV show/online

Revenge - oh wow I found a beauty in this show, I have watched the full first season of this, and cannot wait for Season 2. All about a girl called Amanda Clarke who's father was killed unlawfully and she sets out for revenge on the people who were involved in his death. There is also some romance, it's set in The Hampton's, and some good looking actors. What more could you want.


50 shades Series - Yup I said it, sorry if a lot of you are thinking seriously Holly are you for real!? I've read all 3 books, and as much as I thought they weren't written as well as they could have been, they were page turning, unable to put down and feel good books. With an added raunchy side.

iPhone App

Stumbleupon - I have known about this website for a few years, but never thought about looking it up on my phone. Great if you're stuck in a queque for something, on a train or a bus.


Imperfection equals beauty. - Adore this tumblr link is here .


Low fat probiotic vanilla yoghurt + frozen red grapes! nom nom can't get enough of this. 

Would love to know your favourites, leave a link below if you have done any on your blog, always up for new things. 



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  1. definitely going to give this a go on my blog. love revenge too.x


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