Treatment Pack for Nails


Bought this around 6 weeks ago when I went to the Nails Inc Bar to get a manicure. The lady who did my nails went on and on about nails being in a 'terrible' condition. Now I have quite strong nails, and in my own opinion I don't have the worst set of nails out there.  Yet I was sick of her teling me this, I asked for a solution to my problem. Even though in the back of my head I knew it: Stop wearing nail varnish 24/7 365 days/year.

So I was shown this package. It was on special for €35 (Estimate) and included:

Base Coat - Hyde Park 10ml
Top Coat - Albert Bridge 10ml
Cuticle Oil Slick Pen 1.6ml
Nail Buffer
Nail Polish remover wipe

All in all, It was a great bargain as if you were to buy all those separately it would add up to over €50.

So I started to use this kit particularly the Base Coat and cuticle pen (which I've fallen in love with).

Verdict: I now have stronger nails, easy movable cuticles, and are more durable to be putting nail varnish on over long periods.

I am trying to help my nails by letting them breathe for 3-4 days at a time if I can, but I feel naked without nail polish.

Has anyone else tried this product, would be interested to know what you thought?



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  1. This sounds like the perfect solution for my nails x

  2. I've always thought polish makes my nails stronger, as long as I maintain them properly. I find Rimmels strengthener better than most high ends, what I used to get my nails growing and now they grow strong on their own!


  3. my nails are in such bad condition but I try and cover it with polish so.. vicious circle! xx


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