London times.


A few pictures from my time over in London.

I visited friends over there for a long weekend, was lovely to take time off work and chill out. I also went to Barn on the Farm, which I shall be talking about on my next Music Mondays which I haven't done in a while, so I am looking forward to talking all about that.

We visited Borough Market and saw some incredible food displays, came across a massive puffer fish! Couldn't believe my eyes, and all I could think of was that episode in The Simpsons.

Visited my favourite bakery of all time: The Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington and bought the love of my life The Red Velvet - Yummm.

Bought a few nice bits and pieces over there, a lot less than I thought I would, so will show you over the next week what I got.

So now it's back to Uni and work, anyone have anything exciting booked for the next month or so?



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  1. wow looks like you had a great time x

  2. Camden! <3 I just came back from my year abroad and I missed Camden so badly while I was gone.


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