rock spot black.


Rock Spot Black

Rock Spot Black by bitofbobbi 

Bralet - Topshop 
Heels - Topshop
Skirt - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Topshop
Jacket - Zara

So I'm 1/4 the way there with this outfit! I recently bought the Topshop Bralet which I am very pleased about, just need to tone up a little bit.  It also comes with straps which is very handy. 

I also bought a look a like skirt off ebay, not too sure of it so that's why I'm lusting after this one, a little pricey at £35 but who knows what i'll find. 

Adore these heels saw them on Gracie's Youtube page TheUglyFaceOfBeauty, and new instantly that I had to have them! Watching them ever so closely so I'm going to go in and try them on next week in the shop and then order them online due to the Topshop exchange rate over here (which is pants). 

This necklace sets off this outfit I feel, bold and edgy which definitely goes with this look. 

The JACKET ohh sigh! I won't be getting this due to the hefty price of €219 and due to the fact i'm on a spending ban for the next few weeks but I love to look at it. 

Any items you're lusting after to complete an outfit? 


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  1. Love this outfit, gorgeous!! Really want the bralet xx

  2. I love your picks here! I love the necklace, the bralet and heels in particular! xx


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