Top 10 things you definitely miss about home..


Having lived abroad for a few months last year while working, I started to think of all the Irish or homely things I missed while I was away, some things we perhaps take for granted! and With the gathering coming upon us (jeez we'll be sick of the word) I thought I'd compile a top 10! Please feel free to add in what you've missed whilst living away from home local or abroad in the comments!

#1 Mum's Sunday roast

Dayumm sometimes I get fed up with the week in week out of chicken dinner or roast beef. Yet it is my number 1 thing I miss when away and most lusted after meal when I come home from being abroad! Who can't say no to a plate full of succulent meat, peas, carrots and crispy, melt in your mouth roasties (potatoes), lying in a pool of gravy - thats not from a tin! My tastebuds are going 90 at this stage.

#2 TEA

I don't think I need write anymore about this apart from: Barrys or Lyons?

#3 Newspapers

When I was away and had friends or family visit, I always asked for a paper, or even when a guest left it after their stay which it would possibly be over a week old, the news never got old.
Looking out to see what the 'sca' was at home is definitely up there in my list. Bare in mind, a lot of people don't tend to read the newspaper at home it's like the holy grail when you're away.

#4 Irish Food

Ballymaloe Relish, Taytos, Brown Bread, Black Pudding, Cadbury's chocolate, Chips from the chipper, Toast! 7up, Scones, Hellman's Mayonnaise, Sausages + Rashers - what is it with other countries and not knowing what a good rasher is!? No thick slices thanks.

#5 The Local Shop

Where you're bound to meet someone when you're not looking your best i.e hungover or wearing rags! Yet who doesn't love going down to your local shop to pick up milk (is that too culchie to say) , taytos and a bar of chocolate and bump into someone for the local gossip you've missed out on.

#6 Colloquial Sayings

Nippy, Sham, Feen, Lush, Fierce, Shift, Muppet, Banjaxed, The Shades, I will ya, come here to me, savage, beour, manky, deadly, locked, bate.   To name but a few, you'd be amazed not being around fellow Irish how you miss these words!

#7 Paddy's Day

For one IT IS NOT PATTIE'S DAY! Yes it's another holiday we possibly use to get drunk on, but we know how to throw a mighty party, It doesn't feel the same without being surrounded by your friends in the local!

#8 Sign Posts (or lack of!)

Only in Ireland will they really take the piss out of road signs, I mean you could end up in Timbuktu without knowing due to minor detail of NO road signs in the countryside. Guess they just don't want us to leave. But we all miss the funny ones like Gaggin', Emo, Muff, Termonfeckin, Nobber - Yup you name it we have it.
Or the total opposite of too many as seen below!

Image courtesy of Eddie Wong 

#9 Government

Yup I said it, perhaps you were thinking what is she on with writing our government!? Yet I can easily say I miss the long school holidays, snow days due to the government not being organised, road closures due to 'elephant walking', members of 'parliament' showing up in grubby t-shirts thinking they're in the right and our cute little President, even if you can't stand our politics of the country you can't but laugh at it and enjoy!

#10 Penney's

Where d'ya get tha gurl? Penney's.. NO WAY, that is the norm is it not? cheap and cheerful and well missed when away in a foreign land that sells only mid price to extreme bank emptying clothes! I miss you penney's you come up with a fair few 'OMFG' pieces!

#extra FRIENDS + FAMILY obviously! but we always have them at the end of the phone or skype! Technology really is a lifesaver.

Bisous x

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