where have you been.


Oh hey! I have been quite absent from the bloggersphere of late, I am sorry. Going through tough heartbreak, so decided to take a break but I am back and I am just going to update you on what I've been up to in the last few weeks.

Recently went on holidays to The Algarve in Portugal, had such a gorgeous and relaxing time, it was much needed! After a hard six months of work work work I couldn't get over the free time. 

Last week on my way to work I came across a half drowned kitten, I immediately got out of my car and bundled it up. Took the kitten home and I am now a dotting mum! She is only 4 weeks old and is so tiny (the size of my palm). Currently nameless and would love any suggestions If you have any. 

Bought a Motel dress off ASOS and wore it on a night out, hopefully will get a proper picture next time, as I was in a huge rush to get out of the house I only instagrammed it!

Took a trip into Hollister at the weekend and came across this little beauty! I cannot wait to where this with black jeans, my Raybans and Topknot! €20 but I think its worth it as it's great material and such a good colour. 

Finally we have some sun in our lives (well in Ireland anyway). The evenings are closing in which only means one thing AUTUMN! But I am loving the warm sultry weather and can't wait to sit out in it tomorrow on my day off.

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  1. Hope things are looking up for you, by the looks of that cutie it is! That kitten is gorgeous, you should be so proud for rescuing him xx


  2. I'm glad to see you back and having saved such a beautiful, little kitten.

  3. wow how cute is your little baby cat! =^.^=

    xoxo milla


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