the countdown starts here.


Bam what better way to start the 1st of December with than an advent calendar of Dark Chocolate!
I got this advent calendar as a present from family in London, I am completely in love and even though I'm trying to keep up the healthy eating this month this will be my 'special' treat each day.

All that I can say is yummmm Day 1 was super good!

Any other nice advent calendar's going on out there? I've spotted the Liz Earle one on a few blogs but wow a lot of money to spend on one.

Feeling so chrismassy right now!

"I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes"



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  1. The only thing my fingers and toes have been feeling recently are ice cold! I'm not in the Christmas mood yet and I don't know why :(

    And my first year without an advent calendar - damn being a University student! But yes I agree, the Liz Earl one is very tempting!


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