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Erghh so sorry for not posting up in literally a month, I've been working 6 days a week! No time for myself let alone my blog.

I'll be posting up some this weekend of some outfits, I'm heading to London next week (very excited) lots of shopping to be done, if anyone has any recommendations for me shop wise I'd be so happy to hear your thoughts (any querky chic shops out there?). Also big interview on Monday so I'll keep you posted on that.

Loving the A/W '11 clothes coming up as I mentioned in a previous post, including this lush top from Topshop, so cute.

Looking for a new shoulder bag, for casual wear, might go for something a little bit more durable than this but liking this bag from Forever21.

Sorry that it's so short today, also I've been looking up Zoe's videos on youtube and absolutely love them , especially the new make-up tutorial..haha.

Bisous x

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