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Starting off a new section, my love for music is pretty vast going from Coldplay, The Killers, The Kooks to Kanye and Lady Gaga.

I love finding either new songs by my favourite artists or new up and coming bands.  I might be a little behind for the first few weeks but I’m just writing about what I’ve been listening to in the last few weeks.

I mainly buy off iTunes, but if I pass a cd store and see a cd I’d love I’ll spend that few extra euro on it!

Always had a love for Bon Iver, first got introduced to them by one of my friends Tansy, we were over in Portugal chilling out in 2009, she mentioned she was going up to Galway to see a ‘small’ band! (little did we know how big they would get) Listened to a few tracks and I was drawn in by them, I forgot all about them for a few months and then downloaded their album a few months later ; For Emma, Forever Ago . Their First album, they have since released a second album much to my delight ; Bon Iver.

Some people might have heard of their songs, Flume, Lump Sum or probably their best known Skinny Love, which has had a cover done by a female called Birdy.

They are a folk band from Wisconsin, United States.

Unbelievable, I get lost in their music, more so chill out and thinking songs rather than pumping the tunes up in your car type, So would recommend them if you’re into Iron & Wine, Mumford & Sons, Death Cab or Sufjan Stevens.

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  1. ah i absolutely adore bon iver :) i love his new song 'cant make you love me' also love creature fear hes one of my favorite artists that i can listen too whatever the mood! Holocene is also one of my more recent faves by him! xxx


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