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weekend wants.

weekend wants. by bitofbobbi

Going from left to right - top to bottom!

001: ASOS spike stretch bracelet - €10.86
002: Missguided Deina Suede Platforms - €45 (yet the conversion is €53) better to buy in pounds.
003: Topshop t-shirt dress - €28 - still lusting after this.
004: ASOS Silver cuffs - €20.36
005: Romwe three layer colourful scarf (my favourite of them all) - €25.07 - uhhhmazzing :)
006: Wanted to but in Topshop's Adrenalin but had to go with Topshop Heart of gold - €9

It's only Thursday and I'm thinking what I would love to see in my hand for the weekend! 

I have complied a list of weekend wants under the €45 mark and I'm very excited to try to purchase a few items! 
Although I'm thinking I should buy the 30 day shred before these gorgeous items...hmmm bit of motivation coming! 

Cannot wait for the weekend, working the next few days, and have college (uni)  work to catch up on but I get my MacBook back from repair - hallelujah! Planning my 21st birthday which is at the end of the month and seeing my boyfriend as much as I can before he jets off to Chicago for the summer (sad face). So a fun few days and week ahead. 

A BIG hello to all my new followers, the blog is for myself to ramble and show things I love but it's great to see others enjoying it also!! One follower away from my giveaway :) Woo.. you're going to love it, consisting of MAC and Topshop products. (Watch this space) 


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  1. i love love love the asos bracelet and the scarf, they are so pretty!

    Breezeybee Blog

  2. great picks, I love the bracelet and the shoes especialy!

    Rose x

  3. That scarf is beautiful, I love it!!!!


  4. Ahh love that scarf! Its so pretty :)


  5. I love the gold polish :)


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